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Simplifying The Crypto User Experience

In 2012, an experiment conducted in Ethiopia made waves in the tech world. A non-profit called One Laptop Per Child dropped a crate filled with Motorola tablets in a remote Ethiopian village with no instructions, leaving the villagers—specifically the children―to figure out how to use them.

The children had not only never touched an electronic device before, they were also illiterate. Researchers hoped to discover if the children could learn how to use the technology, and learn how to read in the process.

The results were astonishing, but perhaps not that surprising. The children mastered the tablets in days, even figuring out how to bypass restrictions on the tablet set by the experimenters. In doing so, they also demonstrated basic reading abilities, including one child writing the word ‘lion’ next to his drawing of the animal.

The Testament Of Experiment

The experiment was a testament to how intuitive modern technology has become. Even with no instructions or literacy, the tablets could be understood.

Much of the initial success of the iPhone can be traced back to its user-friendly and minimalist interface, compared to the intimidating and complex interfaces of competitors at the time. The Ethiopia experiment was conducted in 2012, and technology has only become more accessible since.

However, as nearly all technology has gotten sleeker and simpler, one area has not: cryptocurrency. Imagine explaining the current state of crypto-trading to those children in Ethiopia—they’d run in the opposite direction.

The Crypto User Experience

The crypto user experience is now more menacing than ever, with an overwhelming number of assets, players, and barriers to entry. Combine all those obstacles with a constant stream of negative press, and most people have decided to stay as far away from crypto  as possible.

The key to opening crypto to the masses is to simplify the UX. There’s a glaring need for a platform on which the user can store, send, and exchange crypto as easily as handing someone a £10 note. The rift between fiat and crypto needs to be closed.

The Road To Closing The Gap

Fortunately, numerous startups have been created to close that gap. The upcoming sync. platform focuses heavily on simple ad intuitive design for both banking services and crypto trading. Their new website (www.sync.money) is a testament to the simplistic design that will form their mobile app.

Crypto is still a ways away from being embraced by the general public, but its current inaccessibility alienates even slightly-interested parties. Hopefully this will change in the near future, and simplifying the user experience is a good place to start.

By Andrews Morrison