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Imagining A World With One Currency

Traveling around the world is undoubtedly one of the most rewarding experiences we can have. But the cultural differences between countries, many of which initially seem minor, can make for a frustrating holiday.

The Barriers Of Travelling

As an American student studying abroad in London, I’ve learned firsthand that even moving from the US to the UK is startling. Which way do I look when crossing the street? How much is this coin worth? What does exactly does “cheeky” mean? And that’s not even having to worry about a foreign language barrier.

Even once you figure out how to navigate the small adjustments, some nuisances are simply unavoidable, especially when it comes to currency. Whether exchanging my U.S. dollars for British pounds at a nearby exchange bureau, wondering if I’m getting a terrible exchange rate, or racking up excessively-high ATM fees every time I withdraw money, I’ve frequently wished that I could use the same currency here as I do at home.

Imagining A Universal World

Imagine if the whole world operated with universal systems. Imagine if there was one language, one currency, one way to pronounce aluminum.

In a lot of ways, this would be a welcome change. Traveling would be immensely simplified, not to mention removing all of the obstacles that come with language differences, currency exchange, and more which affect every international business.

But we’d sacrifice a lot, too. We’d lose much of what makes every culture unique and colourful, and therefore we’d eliminate most of the motivation to travel in the first place.

Cultural differences, even currencies, offer much of what makes traveling so exciting. So as convenient as it would be to be able to cross the pond, pull out my wallet, and immediately be able to make purchases with a universal currency, it would ultimately strip the world of its diversity and culture.

With sync., we’ve provided the benefits of an imaginary universal currency, without removing the cultural identities in the process.

Breaking The Barriers

In the sync. virtual wallet, instantly exchange one currency for another, without fees. If, for example, you have £50 stored in the wallet, and would like to convert £20 of it to U.S. dollars, you can do it in seconds, for free. Once that’s done, you can then transfer those dollars abroad to a friend in the States, or spend it directly using the X card. It sounds too easy. It’s that easy.

It’s interesting to wonder how the world could be improved with a single uniform language or currency. But it’s also easy to forget the vibrant cultures which would be sacrificed along the way. We’re building a platform to allow those cultures to exist in harmony, bringing the world closer.

By Sam Allen